Wrongful Death Law Reform Group

October 20, 2009

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Parents of Surrey Six victim launch lawsuit for Wrongful Death. They are acting on their own. They don’t have counsel. Likely they have been told that, in the absence of meaningful legislation in this province, all they can hope for is a hollow judgment.

No doubt they spent the last year looking for someone to help them pursue justice. No doubt every lawyer they spoke to told them the same thing – you have a right but no remedy. Accordingly, up against expiration of their limitation period, they filed on their own. When are the good people of British Columbia going to understand that a right with no remedy is no right at all?

The Dziekanski lawsuit over the tasering death at YVR was filed just before expiration of the limitation period. Here too we have no reasonable prospect of a damages award. Something the press overlooks when reporting a wrongful death suit’s filing is that its not going anywhere. The press doesn’t get it. Until the media is educated, the people won’t know. Unless the people know, there will be no change.


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